My First Wedding Cake!!!

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June 2009:  Soon after I started messing around with these fondant cakes, my friends Kathy and Steve were planning their wedding and Kathy asked me about making a cake for their reception.  They had a small backyard wedding, but wanted to involve more friends in the reception celebration, so could I make something for around 200 people??  HA!

Well, Kathy had more faith in me than I did, and we sat down to discuss what the cake would look like.  Kathy liked purple and they were getting married on the summer solstice.  The flower branch theme and color scheme came easily (inspired by a cake I saw on-line and some cupcakes Kathy was making for the wedding).  Also, I had seen a few wedding cakes with bird toppers and since Kathy is a bird lover, I thought it would be a perfect symbol for their union.

Kathy and Steve were both pleased with the finished cake (I was too!) and I got lots of rave reviews about the taste.  The top tier was chocolate with chocolate frosting.  The second tier was Orange Creamcicle (vanilla cake with orange buttercream) and the bottom was lemon cake with a raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. Yum!

After this cake, there’s no way I could go back to boring old vanilla cake with vanilla frosting again!!


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1 Response to My First Wedding Cake!!!

  1. Kathy Heuser says:

    You’re so right, Kristin…that cake was awesome! I still have the birds in my freezer but I think they might be ready to be set free 🙂

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