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October 2009: My Nate, like many 6 year old boys, was obsessed with Transformers.  He had been asking for a “Devastator” for over a year.  It’s a giant transformer made out of 6 smaller vehicles.  Pretty awesome. 🙂  For his cake he wanted “Devastator, but not with fondant, just all different colors of icing”.  Nice.  I did a little research and decided to try a buttercream transfer.  I printed out a picture of Devastator, covered it with saran wrap and used black icing to trace all of the lines that made up the transformer.  And a large transformer made out of 6 smaller transformers has quite a lot of details!!  Then I filled in the spaces with colored icing and stuck the whole thing in the freezer.  Then I baked and frosted the cake and flipped the frozen decoration onto the cake, peeled off the saran wrap and Voila!  DEVASTATOR!!

(I wish I could add in the video of Nate opening his gift… guess what it was!)

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