Fondant Cupcakes

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August 2010: My niece, Kate, asked for fondant cupcakes for her birthday party.  She didn’t know exactly what she wanted, except she wanted them all to be different!  I used her decorations as inspiration and made them all some sort of stripe or circular pattern. As you can see, she loved them, and they had some fun with them at the party before they ate them!

Kate has celiac disease, so we’ve tried all kinds of gluten-free cake mixes and recipes over the years.  The texture is so different from regular cakes, and the taste was hit or miss.  We soon realized that they were a lot better if you added some sort of fruit, to make them more moist and yummy.  Chocolate had eluded me until this point. This time we hit the jackpot.  I started with a Betty Crocker Gluten-free chocolate mix and added my new secret ingredient… vanilla yogurt.  They came out so much more moist and the texture was so different, my sister-in-law was nervous that I forgot and made regular cupcakes instead!  I used to make a small g-f cake for Kate on the side for parties, but from this point on I started making everything for family parties g-f and people didn’t even know!

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